5 European Typical Foods That Still Exist Until Today

Europe has a high attractiveness in the eyes of tourists because of its many natural landscapes. No wonder the country is always crowded with tourists every year just for nature and culinary tours. Well, if you happen to come there for a culinary tour, you must know the special foods that are sold there.

1. Blodplattar

Have you ever thought that this food uses blood ingredients in its manufacture? If so, your opinion is very correct. Yes, Blodplattar is a blood pancake that uses pig or deer blood as its basic ingredients.

Such blood in Europe is called veriohukainen. You will only find out what it’s like if you try it right there. Remember, when ordering this food, make sure you spell it correctly, “blued plettar”.

2. Kroketten, Amsterdam

One of the next European specialties from the Amsterdam area is Croquettes. This croquette is a deep fried bread breaded. Some of the ingredients used are quite varied, including beef, chicken dging, and others.

Well, if you eat it in one bite, then you will find the contents inside. Typically, croquettes have a content of boiled eggs, sauteed onions, and mushrooms. This croquette is already very well known all over the world for its deliciousness.

3. Currywurst, Berlin

Currywurst is a fast food originating from Germany which has an addictive taste. This food consists of fried pork sausage which is cut and later seasoned with curry sauce. The curry sauce that is made is very special so it will create a delicious flavor.

This food is usually eaten with complementary foods, namely french fries. To be able to enjoy it, you can come directly to the many restaurants in Germany that sell it.

4. Gelato, Florence

Stressful moments are perfect for enjoying soft and sweet ice cream. Yes, one of the foods that has never faded since the past is Gelato. Gelato which is a typical Italian ice cream does indeed have a lot of fans.

The ingredients used to make gelato ice cream are sugar and milk. This ice cream is said to be better for dieters because of its low fat content. There are many flavors that you can taste when it comes to Europe.

5. Crepes, Paris

Delicious and addictive food from Europe is Crepe. Crepe itself is a thin cake that is popular in Paris. The more complicated the manufacturing process, the better it tastes.

Some people associate this food with Brittany because maybe there is a place where many produce this food. This food is already very popular in the world so it’s not something strange if by chance you find this food in another country. Some countries that also like this food are South America, North Africa, and others.

Well, that was a discussion about European specialties that still exist today. Some other foods that are also highly recommended are Pizza Al Taglio, Fried Herring Sandwich, Herring, and others.